Notes for the following treatments:


Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Patient 14: Treatment (Earth)

Patient:  Male, age 65

Element:  Earth

Number of years coming for treatment:  15 years

Number of prior treatments: At least 4 a year

Problems today: Is concerned about how the troubles in the economy will affect his business, which is to do with renting out shop space.  Has recently moved, after a year or two deciding where to move to, but this seems to have gone well.  He is happier where he is now, and particularly happy because his wife is enjoying being nearer her family now.  No particular physical problems today.  "Just do the usual", he says.  Always talks a great deal, in a kind of an unending rush until he is treated, when he can suddenly fall silent as the Earth element has sufficient good energy to digest his thoughts and swallow.

Treatment given:

1                    St 25, Sp 15 (I see these as providing balance around the centre)
2                    Sp – Ht block discovered after the above (Sp 21 – Ht 1)
3                    St 41, Sp 2 (tonification points)

At the end of treatment:  Much less talking, better yellow colour, seemed more at ease 

Time of next treatment:  Appointment made for end-February to get him through the winter

Proposals for next treatments:   AEPs, CV 12 or GV 12

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