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Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patient 29: Treatment 4 & 5 (Wood)

Patient:  Male, age 25

Element:  Wood

Number of prior treatments: Three  (see blogs of 15.5.11, 19.5.11 &  27.5.11 for Treatments 1, 2 & 3)

Treatment 4

Observation of patient at the start of treatment 4:   
He appeared extremely depressed and despairing as he had just come from a visit to the specialist which had left him feeling hopeless as there was no further treatment they could offer him.  He has to continue reducing the level of his steroid medication because of the likelihood of harmful side-effects.  Reduction in the steroid dosage in the past had led to a further deterioration of his sight, and he is extremely frightened that this will happen again.

Diagnosis:  Husband/Wife imbalance, made just by looking at the patient, and then confirmed from the pulses.  This is basically the Heart giving up, in this case quite an understandable reaction to his visit to the consultant.

Treatment given:

1                    Clearance of Husband/Wife imbalance (Bl 67, Ki 7, Ki 3, Liv 4, SI 4, Ht 7)
The H/W had cleared after needling Bl 67, Ki 7 according to the pulses, but I still completed all the points.  I find it often clears once the threatened disconnection between Metal and Water has been removed by re-establishing the flow from the right-hand pulses through from Metal to the left-hand pulses on to Water, and therefore to the Heart.  The patient looked much less desperate after the H/W had cleared.
2                    Liv 14 (Gate of Hope – for obvious reasons for its spirit)
3                    Liv 4 (transfer from Metal to Wood), GB 37 (transfer through from Liv to GB to help both sides of Wood)
You will notice that I needled Liv 4 twice, and some people have queried if this is alright to do.  In reply, I always tell them an anecdote from when I was a student.  We were treating a patient with a H/W imbalance, whose element was Fire (SI – Inner Fire), and needled the usual sequence as described above.  JR Worsley was supervising the treatment and said, “Now do the source points of the CF (i.e., SI 4, Ht 7).”  I asked him, “But isn’t that repeating the same treatment?”, to which he replied, “You are using the points for two quite different reasons, the first time to clear the H/W imbalance, the second to strengthen the CF (guardian element), and put it back in control at the end of treatment.”

This was when I realised for the first time how our intention dictates the effect of a point.  If somebody is using a point to have an effect at a physical level, then that is what its effect is limited to.  If another practitioner uses the same point, but with the intention of helping the spirit in some way, then the point will have an effect at this deeper level.

At the end of treatment:  The patient went away with a lighter step, and again looked much more relaxed as he left.

Proposals for next treatment:  Re-check H/W, just in case I have not cleared it.  Add something to strengthen his spirit, such as CV 14.

Treatment 5 (one week later)
Observation of patient at the start of treatment 5:  
I was relieved to see that he no longer had the look of desperation that he had had the week before.  In his own words, “I did feel much better straightaway last week.  As I walked out of the practice room I had a light feeling in my chest here (he put his hand over CV 14, the level of the Heart as he said this).  I felt much happier all week.”  He said he was not experiencing the usual fear that the reduction in his medication usually caused, and the sight in his eye had not so far been affected.

Treatment given:

1                    Re-checked for H/W on pulses – no H/W as my observation of him had already confirmed for me.
2                    GV 14 (Great Hammer)  - Important to strengthen the GV line, the backbone of a person both physically and spiritually, and particularly its importance in maintaining good energy flowing to the head, and thus helping the eyes through strengthening the Gall Bladder pathway.
3                    GB 20 Wind Pond – For much the same reason as GV 14.
4                    Liv 6 (described as a Centre of Energy)
5                    GB 42

At the end of treatment:  I noticed that the patient’s feet and legs had a better colour, and were markedly less cold than when he first came.  His skin looks healthier all round.  Again he left quite jauntily, walking briskly, and very happy to return next week, as though he himself is beginning to realise that the treatment is helping him.

Proposals for next treatment:  Continue to strengthen his spirit, possibly with CV 14 or an Outer Bladder point, like Bl 37 or Bl 39 (42 or 44).

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