Notes for the following treatments:


Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Patient 10: Treatment (Fire)(Outer Fire)`

Patient:  Female, age 35

Element:  Fire (Outer Fire)

Number of years coming for treatment: 14

Number of prior treatments: Comes every 2 months or so for treatment

Original problems:  These are so far in the past, and have changed so much over the years, that treatment is now mostly directed at keeping her in balance.  She has made many life-changing moves over the past three years, such as accepting promotion in her job, moving to a small house of her own and daring to confront her mother.  What she most needs now is support whilst undergoing these changes.

Change since start of treatment:  Over the years I have seen her develop much more self-confidence, particularly in relation to a very stressed relationship with her mother.

Problems today:  Has had various complicated family problems to deal with, which did not overwhelm her, as they may have done in the past, but have wobbled her.
Treatment given:

1                    Windows of the Sky (TH 16, HP 2)
2                    HP 7, TH 4
3                    TH 3, HP 9 (tonification points, Wood to Fire)

At the end of treatment:  Her colour had changed to a better pink, she seemed more relaxed, and talked more quietly.

Time of next treatment:  She knows exactly when she needs a treatment, and will phone for the next one, probably in the New Year.

Proposals for next treatment:   AEPs?

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