Notes for the following treatments:


Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Patient 8: Treatment (Water)

Patient:  Female, age 39

Element:  Water

Number of years coming for treatment: 1

Number of prior treatments: 10, last treatment 6 weeks ago

Original problems:  Very bloated stomach, bad period pains, lack of direction in life, uneasy relationship with extended family.  Parents both with new partners, and she now has to deal with a complex relationship to different step-brethren.  No partner of her own at the moment.  

Change since start of treatment:  Much more at ease with her family, able to develop better relationships outside the family, too.  Physical symptoms have all improved, and she no longer mentions them.

Problems today:  Nothing in particular.  She just likes to have regular treatments to maintain her balance.  She had been pleased to note how she seems to be detaching herself more from her family, rather than anxiously keeping in touch with all of them, as she did in the past.  She thinks she is ready for a new relationship now, but doesn’t feel in a particular hurry about it.

Treatment given:

1                    Ki 27 Store House:  I see this as a point which reaches down into the store of reserves housed in the Water element.  This patient needs to maintain this store so as not to drain herself.
2                    Bl 58 Fly and Scatter, followed by Ki 4.  I think she is still what could be described as somewhat “scatty”, with a tendency to lose her focus.  That’s why I chose Bl 58.  Ki 4 is the junction (luo) point, drawing Bladder energy to the Kidney to complete the treatment.

At the end of treatment:  She looked at peace and quieter.  I feel happy about her.

Time of next treatment:  Appointment made for early January to give her her winter seasonal treatment (if possible in horary time).

Proposals for next treatment:  Bl 66, Ki 10 (Water points on the Water element – winter treatment).

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