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Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Patient 25: Treatment: Fire (Inner Fire)

Patient:  Male, age 30

Element:  Fire (Inner Fire) 

Number of years coming for treatment:  First treatment with me, referral from another practitioner

Number of prior treatments with previous practitioner: 3 years’ treatment on Outer Fire.

Main problem today:   Reason for referral is because he feels that his treatment so far has not really helped him as much as he would like.  There have been times when he has felt better, and others when he feels that treatment is doing nothing for him.  I agreed with the diagnosis of Fire, but thought he was Inner Fire.  This was because he seemed to be sorting out his answers carefully, and often hesitated in the way he answered.  He also had the yang quality of Fire which I recognise as being one of the characteristics of the Small Intestine, a tough aspect of Fire, as opposed to the more vulnerable aspect of Outer Fire.

Treatment given:  

1        Check AE:  quite a lot of AE on Heart Protector and Heart, particularly on Heart on the left.
2        SI 4, Ht 7

At the end of treatment:   Patient felt easier to me, as though a little bit of weight had lifted.

Time of next treatment:  Because patient lives in the North of England, treatment will have to be when next in London, probably in 3 weeks.

Proposals for next treatment:   See whether patient has experienced any changes, and decide upon treatment in the light of changes.

Final note:  Patient phoned me two days after treatment to say that he had noticed a profound change.  Various problems which had clouded his life seemed suddenly to have lifted and become unimportant.  He is surprised at the difference in his approach to his life.  I would see this as his sorter, the Small Intestine, at last sorting properly. 

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  1. This patient has just told me that a friend of his had said: "I feel there has been such a huge change in you in the last few days, bringing the old (John - not his name) back again. You were so different and slowly getting strange and distant from me in the last year and a half.”