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Abbreviations used: CV/GV = Ren/Du, HP (Heart Protector) = Pericardium (P), Aggressive Energy (AE).
All points needled using tonification technique except for certain recognised protocols, such as AE drain.
Moxa cones applied before treatment except where contraindicated.
Number of cones and needle depth taken from JR Worsley's Point Reference Guide.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patient 27: Treatment (Earth)

See also treatments for Patients 5 & 18 (blogs 24 Oct 10 & 17 Jan 11) for this patient’s previous treatments

Patient:  Female, age 50

Element:  Earth

Number of years coming for treatment:  10 years

Number of prior treatments: Comes three or four times a year.

Problems today:   Feels a bit chesty, and a little tired from some freelance work she is doing which involves speaking a lot.  Says she feels much easier since her last treatment in January.  She has done what I suggested, which is to eat a substantial, breakfast, and says that her problems with trying to stick to a diet to lose the extra weight she has put on have lessened because her large breakfast is so filling that she no longer feels so hungry during the rest of the day.  She had a very long sleep the night after the treatment, and woke feeling much more refreshed.  Still occasionally feels a bit depressed as if under a cloud, but this feeling has lifted a great deal since the last treatment.
Treatment given:

1                    XI1 20 :  I love this point for its name and its position (Encircling Glory, high up on either side of the rib cage, as though it is enfolding the patient in its arms).  This patient lives on her own and is quite lonely, so I feel this point will give her something special.
2                    XI 4:  Earth Granary, on the side of the mouth.  I think this will be a good way of helping her in the speaking she has to do for her job.  I have seen one of my patients stop talking as soon as I have needled this point, lying quiet for a little and then starting talking again but in a much quieter way, as if the point has helped them digest their thoughts properly.
3                    St 36, Sp 3

At the end of treatment:   Her colour looked fresher.  She noticed that she had not felt the needles as acutely as at the last treatment.  

Time of next treatment:  About 6 weeks from now.  We have agreed that she will benefit from regular treatments at this kind of interval in future to prevent the depressive feelings which had built up over the winter.

Proposals for next treatment:   I will not think about this until I see what she needs.  With a patient who has come for so long and is now coming so regularly very little treatment needs to be given – just a little boost to her Earth element and she will be fine, so perhaps something as simple as source or tonification points

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